profileRx for Wood Floors: Just What the Doctor Ordered

You love your hardwood floors dearly. But you are confused about how to keep them looking lovely and rejuvenated. Many home restoration professionals and floor cleaners use a violent sanding procedure to refinish flooring. But sanding has distinct drawbacks:

1.The colour of your floors can be altered by the sanding process.
2.Sanding produces dust clouds, fine dust and particulate matter, which may linger in your house or flat for days afterwards.
3.Sanding creates a mess and may be significantly expensive.

RX for Wood Floors is an award winning, groundbreaking product which can rejuvenate your hardwood floors through a patented urethane process. Here are a Couple of Advantages of the process:

No sanding required!
Floors refinished without a mess or odor.
Costs half as much as conventional sand completing.
Whether your flooring are scuffed, scratched, gouged, or dulled down through years of usage, the RX for Wood Floors process can vanquish contaminants, restore the surface and finish, and save time and money. Here’s a breakdown of the three steps involved. (The professionals in Floor Sanding Rochester Can perform this refinishing procedure for you in only one day).

1. “Virtual sanding”

During the first stage, technicians remove the old end to prep the new top coat using a specialformula that places the ground without actually”sanding it”

2. Repairs and touch-up

Before refinishing the floors, technicians will recognize and repair damage to the flooring, such as scuff marks, scratches (from pets or furniture legs), gouges (commonly found in heavy traffic areas), and other unsightly marks.

3. Put on the finish

A specialized catalyzed wood finishing process leaves your flooring looking attractive, beautiful, and clean — for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the RX for Wood Floors process, connect with the professionals in Floor Sanding Rochester For a free quote. We are a family-owned company; we have served the Rochester Area for ages. Contact our offices to Find out More at 01634 510 785, or explore resources and videos in http://www.floorsandingrochester.co.uk.



4a21d58a03893b0c_2478-w500-h400-b0-p0--rustic-hardwood-flooringEven just a few short decades ago, a large proportion of houses had flooring which were entirely covered in carpets, since they were seen as the epitome of modern decor.

Although rugs are still popular, they’re no longer seen as the most stylish alternative, as an increasing number of householders are realising just how fantastic wooden flooring is.

Right now, few men and women are fortunate enough to be able to spend extortionate amounts of cash on updating a great deal of regions of decor. This is the reason why so many are turning into hardwood floors – since it enables you to completely upgrade the appearance of your decor simply by making one change.

Many householders really underestimate the impact which flooring may have on decoration, although once hardwood floors is set up, the impact which it can have will quickly become apparent – and the effect is really a stunning one.

There are several different sorts and shades of hardwood flooring which you can choose to update your decor with, and you won’t need to struggle with making the ideal flooring choice or installation as a professional can help with every aspect of your fantastic new investment.

Keeping Your Wood Floors Protected from Pet Damage

hardwood-floor-dog-misbehavingYour hardwood floors is among the most gorgeous parts of your house, but it’s also among the toughest items to protect. Besides sunlight damage and wear and tear, pet damage may also wreak havoc on hardwood flooring. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways to maintain your hardwood floors shielded from pet damage.

Use Matt
Dogs are not the tidiest eaters and drinkers, so invest in a couple of high-quality waterproof mats to place between pet bowls as well as the hardwood flooring beneath. Many homeowners forget this measure or see it as unnecessary and cope with unsightly water damage and discoloration later on. Always mop up any water that drains onto the floor before it has a opportunity to soak in the hardwood floor. If you require just a tiny bit of work every day to keep the hardwood floors clean and dry, it will definitely pay off in the future.

Maintain Nails Trimmed7809_205384576252490_1274553941_n
This is only one of the most frequent causes of pet damage to hardwood floors, so take the opportunity to trim your cat or dog’s nails regularly. Without noticing the damage that they are doing, your dog or cat will dig their claws into warmer forests to get traction. Whether it’s the mailbox driving by or your son arriving home from college causing your pet’s joy, nail scrapes can cause a great deal of damage in a brief amount of time.

Clean Up Pet Waste ASAP
Regrettably, pet urine is unavoidable when you’ve got a young creature that is not yet toilet-trained. Pet urine causes immediate damage to hardwood flooring that is almost impossible to reverse. Even worse, many times the pet damage chemicals, as your dog or cat will utilize exactly the same place again once it’s been marked. Clean up pet urine as soon as possible so that smells and discoloration will not occur.

Why our services are the best?

Why our services are the best?
In our face you’ll find quality services and one of best sanding machines in the region. If you looking for reliable sanding company you’re on the right place. We have become one of the leading companies on the market – strongly advised and highly respectable ! The specialists function fruitful and fast as they change cracked forums where is required and try to realize our customer’s objective by restoring existing surfaces! Our experts are working everyday, 24 hours per a day and usually performing a great work! We are old company which propose sanding and polishing solutions for any type of wood floor in different locations in London. We have many years of experience in floor renovation if you need of some help for your own floor contact us and we will help you with a satisfaction guaranteed !


How it works?

How it works?


We can give you a estimate over the phone or via email if you have the dimensions, as We work on a rate per sq meter or sq yard the estimate will allow for minor repairs,sanding and finishing with three coats of varnish.
If the price quoted seems reasonable, We will then visit your home to look at the floor and discuss your thoughts, concerns and ideas for the project.
We will then send you a written estimate or email you an estimate for the work.
If you would like to go ahead We will give you a date on which We will hope to start your room. We do not charge for my estimates or advice.

If you have a floor in need of some care and attention, please contact us for a no-obligation quote.